How influential are conservatives within the Democrats?

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Conservatives in the Democrats
Following the 1960s, the Democrats mostly lost their strong Southern
conservative base, nicknamed the "Solid South", through their support of
race based issues like affirmative action and the Civil Rights Movement,
which the South were strongly against. However, it could be argued there
is a still a conservative basis, like the Blue Dog Democrats.
· Clinton's liberal presidency; attempted healthcare reform, the Brady Bill,
Veto of the Partial Abortion Ban Bill and a strong defence of affirmative
action ("a cabinet that looks like America") and civil rights
· Obama's presidency- his stimlus bill, healthcare reform, attempted gun
control reforms, the Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal and his support of same sex
· The Six for '06 agenda, the basis of the 2006 midterm elections for the
Democrats, had liberal agenda; eg raising minimum wage, removal of US
troops from Iraq and researching alternative fuel supplies
· Obama; has failed to about gun reforms, especially after the Sandy Hook
shootings, and faced opposition from the Senate in pursuing this.
· Removal of "public opinion" from healthcare reform, after facing opposition
from the Blue Dug Democrats and moderate Senators, which would have
created a federal healthcare company run by the federal government
· Significant elements of the Democrat support basis are Conservatives, for
example Latinos, who moved to Obama in 2008 (as they believed he would
appoint more minorities), are not traditionally pro choice, much like the
Catholics, who have often gotten into arguments over this stance.
In conclusion: Conservatives in the Democrats are not influential. Although some
elements of the party like Blue Dog Democrats may be conservative, overall the
liberal ideology of the party, like pro choice, pro healthcare reform and pro gay
rights, remains significantly in control.


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