4.2-Churchill's Relationship with Stalin

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4.2-Churchill's Relationship with Stalin


  • Stalin promised free elections in Eastern Europe when taking over and invading,
  • 4th Moscow Conference- Both agree on the 'naughty document' where it is decided GB gets 90% of Greece and USSR gets 90% of Poland,
  • Churchill stated "I like that man. If only I could with Stalin once a week there would be no troubles"
  • Both have strong beliefs and are patriotic about their own countries,
  • '42 2nd Moscow Conference, '44 4th Moscow Conference,- Kept meeting each other,
  • Churchill travelled 10,000 miles in WW2 to meetings,


  • Different views-Stalin supports Communism and is leader of the USSR and Churchill supports Democracy and is leader of a democratic country,
  • Churchill hates Communism and called it a "cancer" and "a foul baboonery",
  • Churchill supported White Tsar Leaders in the Russian Civil War 1918021 against the Reds, communists, and suggested intervention,
  • 1939- Nazi Soviet Pact-Russia and Germany split Poland between them which is undemocratic,
  • Stalin had a less privileged background then Churchill and Roosevelt,
  • Churchill creates "Operation Unthinkable" in case USSR doesn't stop expanding,
  • 1940-Katyn Massacre- thousands of Poles were executed and bodies dumped in mass graves- 1990-Soviets admit responsibility,
  • They don't get on at first- They disagree over the 2nd Front which Churchill keeps delaying and instead supports the Mediterranean Strategy

Overall comparison

Churchill's Relationship with Stalin was not as strong as with Roosevelt and had more difficulties and differences then when they did get along,


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