4.2-Churchill's Relationship with De Gaulle

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4.2-Churchill's Relationship with De Gaulle


  • Both Patriotic for their own country,
  • De Gaulle is arrogant, proud and patriotic for his love of France which Churchill respects,
  • November 1944- Paris is liberated and Churchill and de Gaulle walk arm in arm down to Champ Elysee,
  • He is leader of the "Free French" when he goes to London with no country and no resources but Churchill takes him in and respects his love for France,


  • Conflict over relationship with Vichy France- Churchill wants to keep a relationship with them but De Gaulle disagrees,
  • French Naval Fleet in 1940 in Mediterranean- Churchill wants the French to unite with Britain but the De Gaulle and France refuse,
  • Churchill destroys French Naval Fleet in 1940,
  • Churchill says to de Gaulle- "You're not France",
  • Roosevelt dislikes de Gaulle and Churchill supports Roosevelt over de Gaulle,

Overall comparison

Churchill's relationship with De Gaulle is not as strong as Roosevelt and Churchill's as Churchill decides to side and support Roosevelt's suggestions and plans over de Gaulle's but Churchill did respect his patriotism,


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