Leisure and work

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  • Work and Leisure
    • People are more geographically ans socially mobile with jobs and family becoming less secure.
    • People are increasingly relying on work and service of other people to survive
    • Social class
      • Parker - three patterns of integration between work and leisure
        • Extension pattern - work and leisure are actively linked
        • Neutrality pattern - work and leisure may not be linked
          • Middle and working class in jobs that are often not not stressful or rewarding
        • Opposition pattern - leisure and work are deliberately seperate
          • Working class people in stressful jobs are try to keep away from the stress.
      • Ignores the impact of gender, age and ethnicity
      • Deem - women who work at home dont have boundaries between work and leisure.
    • Willis - work is now less satisfying and requires less skill.
      • People use their leisure time to gain satisfaction and build their identity
    • Rojek - work and leisure are often combined in a postmodern society.
      • Lots of jobs exist in the leisure industry - people are turning their hobbies into work.


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