The domestic division of labour isnt equal

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  • The domestic division of labour isn't equal
    • Elizabeth bott
      • joint conjugal roles
        • both do domestic work/ childcare. leisure time together
      • segregated conjugal roles
        • man- breadwinner woman- housewife. separate leisure time
    • Egell and Hardill
      • Looked at dual earners
        • men- earned more made important decisions
        • woman- earned less less important decisions
    • Ann Oakley
      • Dual burden
        • women have to do childcare/housework and work
      • 15% men housework. 25% childcare
      • symmetry is a myth
    • Duncome and marsden
      • triple shift
        • women have to do domestic/childcare, have a job and be the expressive leader
      • men are emotionally constipated


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