Production and consumption

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  • Production and consumption
    • Work and leisure
      • People are increasingly relying on the work and services of other people to survive
      • More people are defining themselves on what they consume not on what they produce
        • The identities people can build are more varied
      • Willis - work is now less satisfying because it often requires little skill
        • People use their leisure time to gain satisfaction and build there identity.
      • Rojek - work and leisure are often combined in postmodern society
        • People are now turning their hobbies into paid work
    • Social class
      • Parker - the link between work and leisure
        • The extension pattern - leisure and work are actively linked
        • The neutrality pattern - the relationship between work and leisure is not planned
        • The opposition pattern - leisure and work are deliberately separate
      • Women who work in the home dont have boundaries between work and leisure
    • Postmodernist
      • People are now much more likely to build their identities based on symbolic consumption
      • The 'new man' - caring, sensitive and does the housework
      • Individuals use leisure time and products from culture industries to build identities for themselves
      • Lury - shopping is becoming a more common way to spend leisure time
      • What you buy is part of your identity
    • Pluralism
      • Cultural industries make choices about what to produce based on what society chooses to consume
      • 'repressed consumers' - those who are unable to use consumerism to express who they are.
      • Bauman - consumer society gives you the illusion that your identity is flexible.
      • Clarke and Critcher - leisure is controlled by companies who want to make a profit
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