Fem perspective on the family

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  • Feminist perspective: Family
    • Bott
      • Joint conjugal roles
        • Couples share household tasks
        • Spend leisure time together
      • Segregated conjugal roles
        • Couples have separate roles in the family
        • Spend leisure time apart
    • Oakley
      • Feminist view of housework
        • Reject the march of progress view and reject Willmott and Youngs view
        • W+Y claims are exaggerated as her only study showed only 15% of husbands participated highly in housework, and only 25% in childcare
      • Impact of paid work
        • The family is far from symmestrical
        • Women now have to take on housework and paid work
        • Dual burden
    • Smart
      • Money
        • Found gay couples were less likely to place importance on who controlled money


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