Women and the Family - Germany

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  • Women and the Family
    • The Nazi view of women
      • The ideal Nazi woman
        • The ideal Nazi woman was blonde, athletic and fit. She would have big hips for childbearing
        • She was expected to not smoke and avoid makeup
        • The ideal woman woman would wear full skirts and flat shoes, and be a good cook
      • Nazi policies to 1937
        • In June 1933,  women were offered an interest-free loan of 600 Reichsmarks to marry and give up work
        • Labour exchanges were encouraged to favour men
        • The Nazi Women's Organisation was established to put across anti-feminist ideology
        • In January 1934, the proportion of girls allowed into higher education was limited - this was extended in 1937
        • Grammar school for girls was abolished. Girls were not allowed to study Latin - a requirement for university
      • Nazi policies after 1937
        • Nazi policies had to change because: there was a labour shortage and the Four Year Plan required more workers
        • Women were required for factory work and they were allowed to rejoin the profession
        • The number of working women rose from 5.7 million in 1937 to 7.1 million in 1939. The number of female doctors and teachers increased
        • By the time of the war 52 per cent of the workforce was female. Women took military positions as auxiliaries
      • Women were expected to be devoted to the "three Ks": Kinder, Kuche, Kirche (children, kitchen, church)
    • The family
      • The Nazis wanted to increase family sizes. This included strict anti-abortion laws and limited contraception
      • The Nazis provided maternity benefits, family allowances, gave marriage loans (1/2 a year's salary for each child), and reduced taxes in proportion to the number of children in a family
      • Propaganda raised the status of motherhood through rewards such as the "Mother's Cross". The Nazi slogan was "I have donated a child to the Fuhrer"
      • Lebensborn was introduced in 1935 to improve racial standards. Unmarried mothers of "good racial background" were cared for
      • Aryan girls were impregnated by members of the **. 11,000 children were born this way


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