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Women and Family

The ideal role Hitler proposes for women in the Third Reich (quotes from Hitler's speech to
the National socialist women's section NSF Sept 1934):

Have lots of children (PRONATALIST) "...woman to risk her life to preserve this
important cell and to multiply it"
Future generation of…

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women within the party its organizers were officially discredited.
4 million women participated in the Frauenwerk programme
5 million members of the Nazi labour front
Under ScholtzKlink's leadership, over 1.5 million women attended
maternity school and 500 000 women studied home economics between
The Nazi welfare organisation (NSV) had…

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Increased births
19391 million more kids than in 1933
Birth rate increased in 193339 from 14.7 births per 1000 to 20.3 births per
Nazi propaganda seems to have had some effect on women but not as
much as the regime had hoped
Number of marriages increased from 516…

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All examples must be pre 1940 so be careful when using that women going back to
work because men at war which is post 1940
Try to decide whether success is genuine or based on fear or other factors
EXPAND points birth rates increased because post depression people had more…

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