Why settlements were not reached between the Royalists and Parliamentarians

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  • Why a settlement was not reached between the Royalists and Parliamentarians
    • There was no law that handled the situation of a monarch being put on trial
      • Dutch lawyer called Issac Dorislaus
        • Ancient Roman law was used
        • Military body can overthrow a tyrant
    • Charles was to be tried by 135 judges
      • Only 65 of these appeared at the trial
      • They did not want to be associated with the decision
      • Many MP's did not want a trial for Charles
        • They were banned from attending Parliament
          • Those who Cromwell thought supported the trial were allowed to attend
        • Of the 42 allowed into Parliament, only 26 MP's voted to try Charles
    • The public were not allowed to be present in the court during the trial
      • This suggests that the case against Charles was weak
      • Parliament were afraid of the reaction from the public
    • Charles did not respect the court
      • He refused to take off his hat
      • He refused to defend himself
        • It was only after the sentence was announced Charles begun to defend himself
      • Parliament took this as Charles being arrogant
    • The man hired to execute Charles refused to do it
      • They were allowed to wear a mask to hide their identity
    • The Council of State was set up after Charles death
      • Charles II tried anyone who was involved in his fathers death and called regicides
    • The subjects of England could not weigh up their monarch Charles
      • He alienated both his Parliament and subjects with his beliefs and actions
    • The New Model Army held Charles responsible for the civil war
      • Oliver Cromwell intimidated Parliament
    • Charles previous actions did not stand in his favour
      • His religious leanings to Catholicism worried the English people
      • Charles raising of taxes for his own personal funding angered English subjects
      • Charles's actions of ignoring Parliament in the past during Personal Reign worried English subjects


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