Why did Parliament win the Civil War?

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  • Leadership
    • Why did Parliament win the Civil War?
      • Military Strength
        • Ex: organised and united army leads to strength and harder to defeat making them physically and mentally strong
        • Ev: Parliament Strength ~  New Model Army was distinctive (policy of promotion, national army combined multiple armies), some club men joined them
        • Ev: Royalist weaknesses ~troops were insufficient, internal divisions, didn't want to march too far from their counties, smaller army at Naesby
        • Ju: Fairly important as without a strong army victory can't be gained and allows opposition spot weakness
      • Resources
        • Ex: Without right weapons or access to them at an arsenal or right locations make it harder to gain victory
        • Ev: Royalist weaknesses ~ didn't have rich areas or control of London, dependent on provisions from seized land, location of supporters were widespread
        • Ev:  Parliament strengths ~ had control of ports, effective tax system to fund war. Had control of major cities (eg. London)
        • Ju: Very important as otherwise Royalist would have had higher possibility of victory
      • Charles failure to win the war quickly
        • Ex: gave parliament more time to plan how to gain victory as had seen royalist weaknesses
        • Ev: Charles was hesitant. Calvary failed to regroup after breaking though Parliaments infantry at Battle of Edgehill
        • Ju: Quite important as otherwise there would have been a different outcome
    • Ex:  without good leadership for army to follow it would result in victory for the other side
    • Ev: Royalist weakness ~ Misjudgments of when battle commenced (Rupert at Battle of Marston Moor), Charles attacking at Naesby
    • Ev: Parliament strength ~ Self Denying Ordinance (military leaders stay in military and political leaders stay in politics). Fairfax, Skippon, Cromwell(w/ Eastern Association)
    • Ju: Very important as main factor in each of the reasons why Parliamentwon due to organisation and confidence in leadership


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