Why did Parliament win the first Civil War in 1646?

British Monarchy: the Crisis of State, 1642 - 1689

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  • Why did Parliament win the first Civil War in 1646?
    • London
      • Port,armoury, parliament buildings & printing presses for propaganda
    • Parliament held the richer parts of England eg. South East
    • Parliament held Hull - a large port
    • New Model Army - trained and tactical
    • Alliance with Scotland - Solemn League and Covenant
    • Crown held land intersected by Parliament lands - made communications more difficult
    • Charles' personality - stubborn, uncompromising
    • Parliament had an effective leadership and organisation
    • Charles' cessation treaty with Irish - smells of popery
    • Charles' ambition to reclaim London was well known
    • Parliament had better organised finances
      • John Pym: organisation, tax-gathering mechanisms, leadership eg. The Westminster Assembly 1643
    • Parliament held the Navy
    • Parliament held the military
  • Location


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