Progression of the English Civil War

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Why did Parliament win the English Civil War?

Approach to the war:
=> Charles looked to exploit his traditional loyalties in the nobility. However, as the death toll rose it became harder and harder to find new recruits. In 1644, the Oxford Parliament passed a bill legalising conscription. The Royalist approach became increasingly draconian as taxes and conscription squeezed money and recruits out of already-exploited towns
=> Parliament looked to exploit its legislative authority by using ordinances, and use London for taxation trhough bureaucracy
=> Parliament also used the Eastern Association of East Anglia, which raised 20,000 men in 1643 under the command of the Earl of Manchester
=> Parliament lay the foundations for a military-fiscal state, which gave them an advantage as the war dragged on as they were not dependent on generous donations
=> In August 1643, Parliament introduced the Impressment Ordinance which gave them the right to conscript soldiers into their army. County…


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