Why did Parliament win the war?

Ideas on why parliament might have won the war , in my opinion.

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Why did the Parliamentarians win the First Civil War?
They had a better financial system in place.
They had a stronger, more efficient army in the form of the New Model Army.
They had reduced the amount of squabbling in their ranks unlike in the Royalist Camp.
They had control of London - heart of trade and with enormous resources.
They had control of the navy - made transporting goods and soldiers easy.
They were in control of some of the more rich parts of the country for example; East
Anglia, London and the South East.
They were quick to adapt and learn from their mistakes - the Royalists didn't.
They had effective leadership under Fairfax and Cromwell.
They developed better fighting techniques which were clearly superior to those of Rupert.
They had more discipline in their ranks - especially in Battle which proved key at Marston
They had a national plan - The King never succeeded in looking that far forward.
Was it ever inevitable?
It became more likely after a point. In war nothing is truly inevitable, the King had
experience on his side as well as his personal position. The King had commanders who
had taken part in the Thirty Years War and the possibility for foreign help always seemed
likely. But Parliament always had time on theirs - they had London whereas the King was
always aiming to return there. It became clear that a longer war would always benefit
Parliament because they had the financial capabilities to support a long war and the
resources to keep men going. The Royalist High tide is also key here; At the start of the
war Royalists were having huge success; they managed a draw at Edgehill, followed by
successive wins in the North and West. Parliament were being defeated across the
country and had the minimum amount of success. It wasn't until they changed their tack
an d signed the Self Denying Ordinance did they really start to get anywhere this was
followed by the creation of the New Model Army in 1645; headed by Fairfax the
Parliamentarians really pulled themselves together.
What did the King have in his favour?
Experienced Commanders - Like Rupert
The Oxford Parliament - they could raise a small amount of illegal taxes.
Wealthy donors - some gave their life savings to the King.
A larger geographical area of dominance.
The possibility of foreign aid.
The Cessation
Numerous success at the start of the war.
What did Parliament have in their favour?
Parliament - able to raise a lot of legal taxes.
A richer, wealthier area of dominance in the East and South East.
The Navy.
The New Model Army
The Solemn League and Covenant.


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