Who suffered from the depression in Germany and why?

A mindmap about which German people suffered because of the depression and why.

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  • Who suffered from the depression and why?
    • Workers suffered because their employers couldn't fford to keep paying them so they were made redundant. Also, to make it worse, unemployment benefit was also going down at the same time so that the government could save money. This meant that they workers had no money to pay for even the basics.
    • Farmers suffered from the depression because no-one could afford to buy their goods so they couldn't afford to buy other essentials.
    • Businessmen suffered from the depression because they relied on the government's money and when the government wanted it back, they had to pay up. Therefore they had no money to spend to grow the economy and they had to sell all that they had- including their business.
    • Young people suffered because it was very hard to find jobs. This meant that they had no money but still had to pay back loans for university, resulting in more debt.


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