History (OCR) - Germany - Revision Quiz

Here is a revision quiz to make sure you know everything for the Germany Section on Paper 1 of OCR GCSE History.

use the documents in my resources to help answer them if you need to them and check your answers!

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Test Yo' 12.Describe the reaction of Germans in the Ruhr to this
13.What is hyperinflation?
1. What did Article 231 of the Treaty of Versailles say
about Germany?
14.Name one group of people who benefitted from the
2. Name two military restrictions placed on Germany by hyperinflation and say how.
the Treaty of Versailles
3. Name one piece of land taken from Germany by the 15.Name one group of people who suffered in the
Treaty of Versailles. hyperinflation and say how.
4. How did the Treaty of Versailles help ruin the
German economy? 16. Name two ways Chancellor Stresemann solved the
5. Name two reasons why Germans disliked the Weimar
Republic from the start.
17. Explain how Hitler hoped to win the support of the
army for his putsch in 1923.
6. Why were the governments of the Weimar Republic
often unstable and broke down?
18.Name one way in which the putsch was a failure for
Hitler and the Nazis.
7. Describe what Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution
19.Name two ways in which the putsch was a success
for Hitler and the Nazis.
8. Name one way in which the problems of the Weimar
Constitution were solved by 1929.
20. Name two reasons why the Nazis didn't have
much success before 1929.
9. Name one example which shows the problems of the
Weimar Constitution were not solved by 1929.
21. Name all six reasons why the Nazis were able to
come to power.
10.Name the four causes of hyperinflation in 1923.
11.Why did French and Belgian troops invade the Ruhr? 22. Name two ways in which Hitler was important to
the Nazis' success.

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Describe four features of life in Germany during 34. Explain what happened to the Nazi Party after the
the Depression. Reichstag Fire.
35. Name two tactics used by the Nazis to destroy
their opponents in 1933.
24. Name two ways the Weimar government tried to
solve the Depression.
36. Name one reason why Hitler and the Nazis wanted
25. Name two political parties who gained support
the Enabling Act.
during the Depression.
37. Name two ways that Hitler and the Nazis made
26.…read more

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Name one activity which boys did in the Hitler 55. Say how the Nazis' aims for women were different
Youth and say what they learnt from it. before and after 1937.
45. Name one activity girls were asked to do in the
League of German Girls and explain why.
56. Say how the Nazis' aims for women were similar
before and after 1937.
46. Name three ways in which ordinary people 57. Name two policies introduced by the Nazis before
resisted the Nazis.…read more


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