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From Kaiser To Fuhrer:

1.  The Second Reich

- society and government in Germany c.1900-19

- Economic expansion

- political and social tensions. 

The impact of the first World War. 

2. The democratic experiment, 1919-29

- crises and survival, 1919 - 24

- Stresemann and recovery 1924 -29 - 'The Golden Years of the Weimar R'

- Weimar Culture.

3. The rise of the Nazis. 

- origins to 1928

- impact of the slump in town and country, 1928-33

- growing support

- coming to power.

4. Life in wartime Germany. 1939-45

- opposition and conformity

- persecution of the Jews

- Development of the idea of the 'Final Solution' 

- The efficiency of the war economy. 

YELLOW = From Past Papers

UNIT 1 - main issues in the Second Reich 1900-14?

UNIT 3 - What was the impact of WW1 on Germany 1914-18?

3. The Impact of the First World War merely heightened existing social and political tensions which had divided German before 1914?  How far do you agree?

UNIT 4 - What were the problems faced by the Weimar government,


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