Food and Nutrition- Vitamins

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  • Vitamins
    • Vitamin A
      • helps bone to grow, aids night vision.
      • retinol, liver eggs, butter and fish oils
      • carotene, yellow and orange fruits + veg
    • Vitamin C
      • helps absorb calcium and iron from food, protects against infection and allergies, can cause scurvy
      • Citrus fruits, green veg, strawberries, potatoes.
    • Vitamin D
      • aids absorption of calcium in intestine to ensure strong bones and teeth, can cause rickets
      • sunlight, fatty fish, eggs, added to margarine and low fat spreads
    • Vitamin E
      • keeps lungs and red cells healthy, could prevent certain cancers and protect against heart disease.
      • vegetable oils, nuts, egg yolk, cereal products.
    • Vitamin K
      • essential to aid blood clotting, regulates quantity of calcium in the blood.
      • liver, fruits, dairy products, vegetable oils
    • Vitamin B
      • cereals, thiamin-brazil nuts, riboflavin- almonds, mushrooms, folic acid- green veg, niacin-dried peaches
      • thiamin releases energy from carbs and fats, riboflavin releases energy from food, niacin forms part of enzyme which releases energy




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