How can vegetarians ensure they have a blanced diet?

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Nutritional needs of a vegetarian

Nutritional Needs

As meat contains high biological protein (HBV), vegetarians must ensure they eat a range of protein alternatives to ensure they obtain all the essential amino acids. These could include beans and pulses, soya products and mycoproteins such as Quorn. This is a healthy alternative to meat as it is low in fat and high in fibre.

Vitamin12 is mainly found in animal foods, so for a lacto-vegetarian, dairy products and eggs are a good source. Vegans may want to consider taking a supplement in this vitamin.

Iron that is mainly found in meat is most easily absorbed by the body. Vegaetarians must rely on iron found in plants foods eg spinach and watercress. They must also ensure they have an dequate supply of vitamin C, which helps the body absorb the iron 

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Types of Vegetarians

Types of vegetarians

Lacto-ovo vegetarian: They will eat products from animals or birds. Lacto means that they wille at dairy foods , such as milk and milk and milk products. Ovo means that they will eat eggs,

Lacto vegetarians: They donet eat eggs but will eat dairy

Vegans: They do not eat any animal food product at all. They will only eat plant foods, such as ceareal, nuts, seeds and pulses

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