Food is one of the basic necessities of life.

It is more than other basic needs shelter and clothing.

For ages, we have acquired plenty of information's about the use of food as part of our community social, national and religous life.

it has been used an expression of love, friendship and social acceptance.

So, food or lack of its great influence on the destiny of one's health and the community at large.

Food and nutrtion, health and nutritional status are connected with life,

So, we may have proper clarity of these aspects of healthy life.

Food is that which nourishes ur body and keeps us healthy.

It can be defined anything eaten or drunk, when swallowed, digested and assimilatd in the body, keeps it well.

In short, food is the raw material from which our body is made.

When we taker kind of food, we ensure good health which could be evident in our physical appearances, work efficiencyand emotional well-being.


Nitrition is the 'science of foods'- the nutrinets present in them, their action, interaction and balance in relationship to helath and disease.

It has been defined as 'food' at work in the body.

Nutrition includes everything that happens to food from the time is consumed, until it is used for performing various functions of the body.


Health means complete pyhsical, mental and social well being.

But he commenly implies to the 'general' well being of the body or the the condition to be 'fit'.

Health is viewed…


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