Usurpation in The Tempest

This is a mindmap I have done on the theme of usurpation in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. It does not explore all of the points in as much detail as is required in the exam but it is a good prompt.

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  • Usurpation
    • Antonio usurping Prospero
      • Prospero: " my false brother awaked an evil nature"
        • Prospero feels betrayed by his brother and it could be argued that his betrayl has masked his judgment of what is right for his people.
        • The work 'nature' could show how Prospero feels that his brother has always had an evil streek and this act has brought out the evil in him. It could also show that Prospero blames himself for deligating so much power to his brother when he is capable of betrayl.
    • Prospero usurping Caliban
      • We learn that Prospero usurped Caliban when he got to the island with Miranda.
        • Caliban: "This island's mine, by Sycorax my mother, which thou tak'st from me."
          • Caliban shows himself to be a disloyal slave to Prospero and Miranda as he is full of resentment at the fact that Prospero stole the authority and power of the isle from him.
      • Caliban lived on the island with his mother until Prospero rid the isle of her.
        • Prospero then took Caliban in as his own child.
      • It could be read that Prospero took over the island as Caliban was but a child and he tried to be a father figure to him.
        • Different relationship to Prospero and Miranda's.
        • Nature v Nurture
    • Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban usurping Prospero
      • These three plot to have the island to themselves and take the power from Prospero.
        • Caliban shares the secrets of the island to Trinculo and Stephano so that they can help him to over throw Prospero.
          • Caliban: "That's a brave god, and bears celestial liquor. I will kneed to him."
            • Caliban experiences alcohol which allows him to act upon his dream and gives him dutch courage to usurp Prospero.
      • Caliban realises that he was foolish to worship Trinculo and Stephano for the alcohol that they shared with him as they are not intelligent enough to stay focused
        • Caliban: "What a thrice-double *** was I to take this drunkard for a god, and worship this dull fool."
          • Caliban and Prospero's relationship could reflect that of a Father and Son
            • Caliban realises the mistakes he has made and understands that Prospero was a better leader and wants to be forgiven by his master.


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