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The Assessment Objectives: Band
(26 ­ 30 Marks)…read more

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Whilst Prospero does have some justification in controlling
individuals, his means of controlling others through terror
would be seen by both a contemporary and modern
audience as unnecessary, and to some extent egotistical.
A contemporary audience would be reminded of the recent
colonisation taking place within the actions of Prospero over
Caliban. What differs between the modern audience and a
contemporary one is that the Morden audience would be
horrified in the forced slavery of Caliban, but the
contemporary audience would still hold
Shakespeare, through his characterization of Prospero as
manipulative and seemingly unforgiving demonstrates how
power corrupts, turning Prospero away from his just cause
into his desires for ultimate domination over his
subordinates.…read more

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Paragraph One ­ Ship Wrecked
Some critics believe that Shakespeare influenced by a
real shipwreck that took place, with all the passengers
of a ship sailing to Jamestown, USA surviving a
tempest-like storm and getting stranded on the
Bermuda Islands.
Prospero controls everything about what the ship
wreaked characters are going through:
He creates the tempest itself in Act 1 Scene 1
The wills above be done, but I fain die a dry death ­ Gonzalo
He plans the separation of the members of the party ­
showing his exploitation of the situation
He eventually brings the characters back together for the
final reconciliation
I do forgive thee - Prospero…read more

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Paragraph One ­ Was Prospero
justified in controlling individuals:
Shipwrecked characters
Justified Unjustified
The characters Alonso, Antonio and Some critics would argue that Prospero's
Sebastian did plot to usurp (successfully) actions were too cruel: Gonzolo and
from his position as Duke of Milan Ferdinand did not do anything towards to
They did exile: him and his daughter Alonso is generally regretfully for his
travelled on a broken raft and forced to actions; should he be punished for his past
live on a deserted isle alone for over 10 mistakes?
Trevor Dunn argues that during this time,
Prospero built up a natural need for
vengeance ­ making his controlling
completely justified.…read more

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Paragraph Two ­ Prospero's
slaves: Caliban and Ariel
Both characters are controlled, but through
different forms of control: and are essentially at
the will of Prospero
Caliban Ariel
Caliban is treated as the ultimate abused Ariel differs from Caliban as Ariel desires
slave ­ controlled by fear the recognition and approval from his
"" master ­ their is a sense of love between
the pair
Caliban is refused to visit different areas of Ariel differs from Caliban as Ariel is
the isle that was once is own ­ Prospero trusted to perform Prospero's bidding ­
does not trust Caliban Ariel however is denied freedom until
"" Prospero's plan is completed, and his lack
of freedom is lorded over him
""…read more

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