Sociology revision - New Right views

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      • Neil Postman (1982) sees childhood as under threat from television
      • Phillips (1997) complains that the period of childhood has been shortened - no longer lasting up to age 13-14
      • Successful child-rearing requires two parents of the opposite sex
      • Suggests that primary socialisation is the key to a happy childhood
      • Pugh (2002) suggests that parental spending on children is consumption as compensation
      • Evan and Chandler (2006) found that many parents believed the world had become a much riskier place for their children
      • Patricia Morgan argues that gay families are unnatural because children can only be the outcome of a loving sexual union of a man and woman
      • The New Right claims that the contraceptive pill encourages sexual freedom and promiscuity
      • The New Right sees the nuclear family as under threat and in decline
      • Emphasises the importance of the nuclear family in society
      • New Right thinkers see the emergence of feminism as a sustained attack on traditional family values
      • The New Right criticises the Coalition's family policy, particularly its failure to deal with family breakdowns
      • New Right views on the family often reflect and transmit a dominant familial ideology
      • Butler (2010) argues that strong and durable families are important to the stability of society
      • New Right sociologists dislike the welfare system as they argue it relieves families of responsibility
      • Bradshaw (2013) claims that cuts in public spending have had a large impact on vulnerable families, resulting in a rise in child poverty
      • Morgan (2007) argues that the Labour government's family policy undermined both marriage and the traditional family


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