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what is cultural deprivation?
working-class and black children are inadequately socialised and lack the right culture needed to succeed in the education system
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Name the three theorists who give theories on intellectual development
J.W.B. Douglas, Basil Bernstein, Douglas Young
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what did J.W.B. Douglas say about intellectual development
working class parents are less likely to support their child's intellectual development through stimulating their learning
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What did Basil Bernstein and Douglas Young say?
the way the mother choose the toys for their children has an influence on their development
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Which three theorists gave theories on language?
Carl Bereiter, Siegfried Englemann, Basil Bernstein
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what did Carl Bereiter and Siegfried say about language?
They claim that the language used in lower class homes is deficient
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what did Basil Bernstein say about language?
The restricted and elaborated code
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Which three theorists talked about attitudes and values?
Leon Feinstein, Herbert Hyman, Barry Sugarman
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what did Leon Feinstein say?
working-class parents lack of interest was the reason for their child's under-achievement
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What did Herbert Hyman say?
that the values and beliefs of the lower-class subcultures are a self imposed barrier to educational success
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what did Barry sugarman say?
Fatalism, Collectivism, Immediate gratification and present-time orientation
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what are some of the policies brought in by governments to tackle the problems of culteral deprivation
Operation Head Start, education priority areas, education action zones, aim higher, sure start
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what did Nell Keedie say?
that cultural deprivation as a myth ans sees it as a victim-blaming explanation.
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what did Barry Troyna and Jenny Williams say?
argue that the problem is not the child's language but the schools attitude towards it.
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what did Jo Mortimer say?
that working class parents went to less parents evenings not due to lack of interest but due to working long irregular hours.
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what is material deprivation?
a lack of basic necessities that have an effect of their success
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what problems does housing pose for working class children
little room for study in overcrowded homes can make it difficult for them to study
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what effect does it have on young children?
can impair the child's development
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what else can housing do indirectly to children?
can have an effect on the health and welfare of the child
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which theorist gave a reason for diet and health having an effect on children
Marilyn Howard (2001)
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What did Marilyn Howard say?
that children from poorer homes lack the normal vitamins and minerals weakening the immune system and energy levels which can lead to absences
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what did Emily Tanner et al say?
that costs of items such as transport, uniforms, books, computers etc is a burden on working class families
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what is cultural capital?
the knowledge, attitudes, values that the middle class transmit to their children.
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Bourdieu argues for three types of capital
Cultural capital. educational and economic capital
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What study did Alice Sullivan do to test Bourdieu's ideas
used a questionnaire to conduct a survey of 465 pupils in four schools. to assess their cultural capital
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who came up with Marketisation and parental choice?
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reasons for class differences in achievement
labelling, the self-fulfilling prophecy, pupil subcultures, marketisation and selection policies
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what is the A-to-C economy and educational triage
this is where schools ration their time, effort and resources concentrating them on those pupils they perceive as having potential
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what did Gillborn and Youdell call this process
educational triage or sorting those who will pass, those who are on the border line those who are not worth the effort.
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what is cream-skimming?
selecting higher ability pupils who gain the best results and cost less to teach
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what is silt-shifting?
off-loading pupils with learning difficulties who are expensive to teach and get low grades
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name the tree external reasons for under-achievement by ethnic chidren
cultural deprivation, material deprivation and class, racism in wider society
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internal factors which lead to their under-achievement
labelling and teacher racism pupil responses and subcultures, the ethnocentric curriculum, institutional racism selection and segregation
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who said that teachers are quicker to discipline black pupils than others?
Gillborn and Gillborn and Youdell
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who found that schools tend to see black boys as a threat and to label them negatively?
jenny bourne
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who found that despite schools apparent commitment to equal opportunities, teachers held ethnocentric views (prefer british children)
Cecile Wright
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Who did Mary Fuller study ?
Group of black year 11 girls
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What four ways does Robert Merton say boys respond to racist stereotypical
rebelling, conforming, retreating and innovating
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What two explanations did Troyna and williams explain racism
Individual and institutional racism
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what is individual racism
the results from the prejudiced views of individuals
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what is institutional racism
discrimination that is built into the way institutions such as schools and colleges operate
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who said that marketisation has given schools greater scope to select pupils and this puts ethnic minorities at a disadvantage
David Gillborn
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what are the four external reasons for gender differences in achievement
the impact of feminism, changes in the family, changes in women's employment girls' changing perceptions and ambitions
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what six internal reasons for gender differences in achievement
equal opportunities policies, positive role models in school, GCSE and coursework, teacher attention and classroom interaction, challenging stereotypes in the curriculum, selection and league tables
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who was durkheim?
functionalsit who believed that people should be apart of a community
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what is parsons meritocracy
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what is davis and moore role allocation?
schools perform to assess the jobs in which pupils will go onto do.
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new rightists said that education fails to open a market that forces supply and demand who said this?
chubb and moe
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who talked about the ideological state apperatus
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who argues that the capatlist workforce requires the attitudes and behavior for them to be exploited in work
Bowles and Gintis
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what was the tripartite system
grammar school, secondary modern and tech schools
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what did you need to *** to get into grammar
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what percentage went to secondary modern
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What is the comprehensive system
the system we have today
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although it said to close the gap on differences in achievement it produces class inequality how?
streaming and labelling
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since 1997 what has the government done to reduce inequality?
education action zones, aim higher, ema, raising leaving age to 18
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Name the three theorists who give theories on intellectual development


J.W.B. Douglas, Basil Bernstein, Douglas Young

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What did Basil Bernstein and Douglas Young say?


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Which three theorists gave theories on language?


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