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Education…read more

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The Role of
Education…read more

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Two main roles
1. Preparation for work/economy
2. A form of secondary socialisation
These ideas are agreed by Functionalists and
Marxists…read more

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1. Preparation for work/economy
· Davis and Moore ­ Role allocation
The education system sifts/sorts and
selects. Therefore the best people get the best
jobs ­ get the place you deserve
(MERITOCRACY)…read more

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· Bowles and Gintis
Proletariats and the Bourgeoisie are prepared for work
The correspondence principle ­ the organisation and
control of schools mirrors `corresponds to' the
workplace in capitalist society.
Because we have been socialised into the inequality
through the hidden curriculum, we never question it
Hidden curriculum: things learnt but not formally
taught, and are normally acquired through the
everyday workings of the school ­ attitudes,
obedience, conformity and competitiveness…read more

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Criticisms of Bowles and Gintis
· There is evidence to suggest that the working
class students are not passive
· Paul Willis:
­ Working Class students rebel through anti-school
­ However, although they may rebel, this ultimately
leads to the failure which was previously defined…read more

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