Types of Practice

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  • Types of Practice
    • Massed Practice
      • Practice session involving very short or no rest intervals
      • Basketball players practice their shooting skills by doing drills which involve many shots from different positions around the key
      • To groove skills/Long sessions used when coach wants to stimulate elements of fatigue
    • Distributed Practice
      • Practice sessions with rest intervals
      • Swimmer swims a width and then has a rest while the teacher gives feedback
      • Rest intervals allow performer to recieve feedback/Helps maintain motivation and good for dangerous skills or complex skills
    • Fixed    Practice
      • Continuous practice of a specific skill/Reapetdly in a stable environment called a drill
      • Discus thrower practices in the discus circle,using the same weight implement
      • Allows skills to become habitual and automatic/Ine events where conditions never change
    • Varied Practice
      • When a skill is practiced in many environments
      • Small sided game in football,where performer can work on passing,positional play and strategy
      • Allows the development of experiences in LTM,which performer can draw on/Develops performer's perceptual and decision making skills


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