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  • Thermoregulation
    • Thermoregulatory centre
      • Monitors and controls body temperature
      • Situated in the brain
      • Has receptors sensitive to temperature of the blood flowing through the brain.
        • Temperature receptors in the skin send impulses to the TC giving information about skin temp.
    • If core body temperature is too high...
      • Blood vessels supplying skin capillaries dilate
        • More blood flows through the caplillaries and more heat is lost.
      • Sweat glands release more sweat
        • Cools body down as it evaporates
    • If core body temperature is too low...
      • Blood vessel supplying skin cappilaries constrict
        • Reduces blood flow which reduced heat loss
      • Muscles contract (shiver)
        • Contractions need respiration, which releases some energy to warm the body.


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