IGCSE Biology Double Award Excretion in Humans Notes

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The Lungs The Kidneys Skin
What is Salt and
excreted water
? (sweat)
Why Water cools
must it us down:
be thermo-regu
excreted lation.
What is Urea (waste
excreted proteins)
? Water
Why Urea is waste
must it proteins that
be would poison
excreted us.
? Water has to
dilute the
Balances out
salt levels.
What is CO
excreted Water
Why CO is a
must it poison.
be Water helps
excreted to lubricate
? our airways.

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Stage 1: Blood circulates to the liver and the amino acids are broken down and
converted into the molecule urea.
Stage 2: The urea re-enters the bloodstream and circulates to both kidneys.
Stage 3: The kidneys will filter the urea from the blood and the urea will be
added to the water to form urine.
Stage 4: Urine drains down the ureter to collect in the bladder.…read more

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Urine is made up of water, urea and salts.…read more


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