A Midsummer Night's Dream

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  • The Four Lovers
    • Demetrius
      • Quotes
        • O,Helen, godess, nymph, divine  A3 s2
        • For i am sick when i do look on thee act 2 sc 1
      • Characteristics
        • 'monster'
          • rude
      • actions
        • extreme change of feelings towered Helena
        • threatens Helena to get her to go away
    • Helena
      • Quotes
        • Use me but as your spaniel -Act 2 scene 1
        • Through Athens I am thought as fair as she... Demertrius thinks not so -Act 1 scene1
        • i see you all are bent to set against me
      • Characteristics
        • whinny/ self-pity
        • self-absorbed
        • infatuated
      • Actions
        • Betrays her best friend
        • When the boys show interest in her she thinks it is a joke
        • Mad at her BFF for betraying her after she does the same
    • Hermia
      • Quotes
        • can you do me more harm than hate? A3 S2
        • Little again! Act3 sc2
      • Characteristics
        • stuborn
        • sensitive
        • feirce
      • Actions
        • agrees to run away with Lys. against her father's ( and Theseus') wishes
    • Lysander
      • Characteristics
        • romantic
        • sassy
      • Quotes
        • Although I hate her, I'll not kill her so Act3 sc2
        • the course of true love never did run smooth Act1 Scene 1
      • Actions
        • Tries to elope with Hermia Act1
        • when Theseus finds them in the woods, he is honest about why.
        • Dramatic change of feelings for Hermia
  • Dramatic change of feelings for Hermia


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