GCSE AQA PE Unit1 part2

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  • The Participant as an individual
    • Environment
      • Weather
        • Can’t train or compete in some conditions
      • Pollution
        • Affects breathing especially for endurance events
      • Terrain
        • Different terrains affect the performer, certain terrain needed for sport
          • Slopes and snow for skier
          • Surf and sea for a surfer
      • Humidity
        • Struggle to keep body cool and leads to dehydration
      • Heat
        • Suffer from dehydration and hypothermia
      • Altitude
        • Increases oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, popular with long distance runners.
    • Risk and  Challenge
      • Risk assessment = spotting hazards or dangers
      • Different environments = different risks
      • Risk control = spotting dangers before activity
    • Activity Levels and needs
      • Activity Effects
        • High levels - improve body shape and posture, reducing illness, improve basic levels of strength,stamina and flexibility
        • Low levels - no or little positive effect
      • Activity Needs
        • Recreational - not as demanding, at a convenient time, amusement or relaxation
        • Competitive - Highly committed, professionals, involves some for of contest,rivalry or game
    • Training
      • Peak Season
        • analyse performance
        • increase intensity of training
        • matches
      • Pre- Season
        • team building tour
        • friendly matches
        • basic skills
        • increase fitness
        • diet modification
      • Post Season
        • relax
        • maintain basic fitness/skill
        • recovery
    • By Chris Parsons


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