The Muscular System

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  • The Muscular System
    • Functions
      • Protection
        • Protect and keep our abdominal organs in place.
      • Shape
        • Give us our individual shape.
      • Movement
        • Enable us to move our body parts.
      • Circulation
        • Helps the circulation of blood.
      • Warmth
        • Generate body heat when they contract.
      • Posture
        • Maintain a good posture.
    • Types
      • Cardiac
        • Only found in the heart.
        • Contracts and relaxes continuously.
        • Involuntary Muscle. (Without conscious consent)
        • Adapts to training to improve cardiovascular fitness.
      • Smooth
        • Around Organs e.g. Intestines and blood vessels.
        • Involuntary Muscles.
        • Provide the nutrients + remove waste products.
      • Skeletal
        • Are attached to the skeleton by tendons.
        • Voluntary Muscles (Are under our control).
        • Make our bodies move.
        • Will adapt with training to improve performance.
    • Movers
      • Flexors
        • The muscles that BEND a limb.
      • Extensors.
        • The muscles that STRAIGHTEN  a limb.
      • Adductors
        • The muscles that move a limb TOWARDS the body.
      • Abductors
        • The muscles that move a limb AWAY from the body.
    • Muscle Contractions
      • Isotonic
        • Force produced with movement.
          • Eccentric
            • Muscle lengthens. Braking Action, (Arm goes down)
          • Concentric
            • Muscle shortens. (Arm goes up)
      • Isometric
        • Force produced without movement.
          • E.g. Tug of War/Rugby Scrum.


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