The Muscular System (2)

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  • The Muscular System
    • Muscles
      • Deltiod
      • Latissimus Dorsi
      • Triceps Brachii
      • Biceps Brachii
      • Gluteus Maximus
      • Hamstring
      • Gastrocnemius
      • Tibialis Anterior
      • Quadriceps
      • Rectus Abdominus
      • Pectorals
    • Movement
      • Work in antagonistic pairs.
      • Can only pull not push.
      • The ORIGIN is where the muscle joins the stationary bone.
      • The INSERTION is where the muscle joins the moving bone.
      • When a muscle contracts the INSERTION moves towards the ORIGIN.
      • The AGONIST/ PRIME MOVER is the muscle that contracts to start the movement.
      • The ANTAGONIST is the muscle that relaxes to allow the movement.
      • The SYNERGIST is the muscle tht tabilises the joint whilst the movement takes place
    • Muscle Tone
      • When muscles are in a state of light tension even at rest.
      • Primer mover & Antagonist are working against each other.
      • Enables the body to keep the muscles in the correct position.
    • Hypertrophy
      • An increase in muscle size.
    • Atrophy
      • A decrease in muscle size.


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