The Collapse of Détente : American reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

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  • The Collapse of Détente : American reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
    • Carter Doctrine
      • American President, Carter was appalled at Soviet aggression.
        • He argued that USA would not allow USSR to gain control of territory in the oil-rich Middle East.
        • He took a number of steps to try to remove Soviet troops from Afghanistan.
      • An alliance was made with China and Israel to support Afghan rebels.
      • The CIA provided weapons and funds for the Mujahideen.
        • The Mujahideen were fighting to free Afghanistan from Soviet control.
      • Carter imposed economic sanctions stopping all trade with the Soviet Union.
      • Ended diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union.
    • The End of Détente
      • Carter's actions effectively ended détente.
      • Carter withdraw his support for the SALT II agreement.
        • SALT II would have reduced stocks of nuclear missiles to 2250 warheads for each superpower.
      • Carter led a boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.
        • Around 60 countries (incl. China, Malawi, West Germany) refused to attend the games.
        • The American government set up an alternative called the Olympic Boycott Games.
      • In retaliation for the 1980 boycott, the USSR and 14 Communist countries refused to attend the Los Angeles Olympic Games.
        • The Friendship Games was the Communist alternative.
      • By 1980, détente was dead. The Afghanistan invasion and American response meant that superpower relations were at their lowest since the CMC in 1962.


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