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  • Cuban Missile Crisis 1961
  • New Leaders: Nixon and Brezhnev
  • Limited Test Ban Treaty 1963
  • Outer Space Treaty 1968
  • Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty 1968


  • Nixon visited Moscow in 191972 to demonstrate that Vietnam was not effecting peace talks.
  • Salt 1 - Early talks about nuclear arms. Anti-ballistic missiles only allowed at two sites and only 100 missiles total. Interim agreement on offensive Arms. Imposed a 5 year freeze in the total number of ICBMs and SLBMs.
  • Nixon visited Moscow again in 1974. The leaders agreed they would continue to work to remove the threat of nuclear war. They wanted to end the arms race and eventually reach complete disarmament.
  • Space link-up - three US astronauts and two Soviet cosmonauts met up in space in July 1975 where they shook hands.
  • The Helsinki agreements - The US, Soviet Union and 33 other nations made agreements about three groups of things, Security, Cooperation and Human Rights

Overall summary

Overall Détente was a success because several agreements to reduce tensions throughout the Cold War. However towards the end things tailed off, and with the change of president the Cold War began to heat back up, culminating in the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan.




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