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The collapse of détente: American reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

President Carter's response:

Brezhnev's invasion was a miscalculation; Carter was appalled at the USSR's behaviour.

So he made a statement called the Carter Doctrine which stated that the USA wouldn't let the USSR gain control of oil-rich Middle…

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At a Christian meeting he said the Cold War was a war between good and evil; America fought with God's blessing, and it was America's moral duty to invest in nuclear weapons to
defend liberty from the `evil' Soviet Union.

`Star Wars'- America strikes back

Reagan proposed a nuclear umbrella-…

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Strengths Booming economy; Warsaw Pact allies and greater
excellent computer number of nuclear missiles
technology & space
technology; highly equipped
military forces;
international reputation as
a superpower; NATO
Weaknesses Fewer nuclear missiles than Committed to expensive war in
the USSR Afghanistan; failing economy;
old-fashioned technology;
reputation ruined by Chernobyl…

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Reagan persuaded Gorbachev that the USA weren't going to invade the USSR.

The break-up of Eastern Europe

Gorbachev's attitude to Eastern Europe

December 1988- he announced that ideology should play a lesser role in Soviet foreign affairs, meaning the USSR wouldn't favour trading with communist states over
capitalist countries.

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organised a coup which removed Gorbachev from power, it originally worked as Gorbachev was away from the capital at the time & was prevented from returning to Moscow. The
new government declared a state of emergency stopping the freedoms gained during perestroika & glasnost, its goal was to restore the…


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