The Rule of Richard Cromwell

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  • The Rule of Richard Cromwell
    • Problems facing Richard
      • He was not his father and struggled to live up to his reputation
      • The Protectorate government was heavily dependent on the Protector
      • He had never served in the army so was not respected by the commanders
      • He was faced with a conflict between MPs and the army
    • The 1659 Parliament
      • Richard called parliament to solve the financial deficit
        • However, there were many vying fractions in parliament that meant no decisions were made
      • The army, in particular, wanted immunity for their previous actions
        • By April, they were urging Richard to dissolve parliament. They threatened him with troops to make him obey
    • Reaction in the Army
      • Generals like Fleetwood (Major-General and married to Cromwell's daughter) wanted the army to keep their idependance
      • Lower ranks felt they were being betrayed as the country moved back to tyranny
      • These divisions lead to unrest and made Richard's task harder
    • Resignation of Richard Cromwell
      • The Army recalled the Rump and made Richard resign by forgiving his debts and giving him a pension
        • Richard resigned in May 1659 - and left England in 1660


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