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  • Richard Cromwell
    • Restoration
      • Role of Monck
        • Leader of the Army in Scotland. Former Royalist but had worked closely with Cromwell.
        • Fearful that the country was sliding towards military rule, he assembled an army to bring the Rump to power once again.
        • The Army sent a force north under Lambert to counter the threat of Monck but other members reinstated the Rump. Lambert sent to the tower, and Monck entered England in January 1660.
        • Wanted to reverse pride's purge.
        • Secretly began to negotiate with Charles.
      • Declaration of Breda
        • Charles sent his own proposals for a settlement, and this was accepted by MPs.
        • Made him look like an attractive option. He offered religious toleration and payment of arrears to the Army.
        • "rule as a traditional monarch"
      • The Convention Parliament.
        • Included a number of royalists and excluded many republicans.
        • Accepted that monarchy should be restored.
    • Richard was named successor after the death of Cromwell in 1658.
    • Inexperienced and didn't want to rule.
    • Summoned the Third Protectorate Parliament in 1659. Had no experience of warfare. The Council of Officers forced him to resign.


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