The Emergence of a Global Culture

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  • The Emergence of a Global Culture
    • Cultural Traits
      • Traditions
        • Everyday behaviour is passed along generations
      • Religion
        • Informs food and clothing
        • Highly resistant to change
      • Clothing
        • Clothing can reflect traditional adaptations to climate
          • Wearing fur in polar climates
      • Food
        • National dishes and diet reflect crops, herbs and animals available
      • Language
        • Some countries have a single national language
        • Some countries have several languages belonging to different indigenous ethnic groups
    • Global Influences
      • TNCs
        • Play a major role in shaping common culture through dispersal of food and clothes
      • Global Media
        • Disney has exported stories from all around the world
        • Western festivals such as Halloween and Christmas feature in films globally
        • BBC maintains a cultural influence overseas through radio
      • Migration and Tourism
        • Brings cultural change to areas
        • Tourists bring language and customs to the places they visit
    • Reactions Against Globalisation
      • France
        • Protective of its culture and language
        • French government shows strong support to French filmmakers and films in french
        • French music is promoted on radio stations
      • China
        • The "great firewall of China" prevents users from using BBC or Facebook services
        • Quota of 34 foreign films a year
        • Many Chinese now support Christmas to the dismay of the government
    • Differing Responses to Cultural Diversity and Change
      • Closed Door to Migration
        • Stopping immigration for fears of cultural dilution
        • Cambodia
      • Religious Intolerance
        • Lower levels of religious freedom for minority groups
        • Iran
      • Internet Censorship
        • Preventing citizens from learning about other global viewpoints using online sources
        • China
      • Assimilation
        • A belief that minority traits should disappear as immigrants adopt host values
      • "Citizenship" Testing
        • Rules for migrants are becoming stricter in reaction to popular concerns over immigration
        • United Kingdom
      • Pluralism
        • Tolerate equal rights for all migrants to practice their religious and cultural beliefs
        • EU nations
      • Hybridism
        • Positive view on a culture so you adopt and absorb new migrant values


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