Factors Affecting Globalisation

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  • Factors Accelerating Globalisation
    • New technology
      • Internet
        • companies can advertise to more people
      • Transport
        • improvements on jet engines, boats and freight trains allow for faster and easier international transport
        • air travel is more affordable, so cultures are spread through increased tourism
      • Hardware
        • boosts profits of American companies such as Apple because people want to update their device when a new one comes out
        • outsourcing prevalent in tech industry
    • Emergence of TNCs
      • Companies become transnational to boost trade
        • Products will be more favourable if they are made in the country rather than being imported
          • Example: Japanese company Honda producing cars in Swindon
        • Example: Japanese company Honda producing cars in Swindon
        • Fewer tariffs when selling within EU
      • Outsourcing
        • Labour outsourced to China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Central America ect because people will work for less
        • Fewer regulations eg health and safety in LEDCs. Workers also cannot form unions
    • International Organisations
      • UN
        • Aims to reduce conflict and promote international cooperation
        • Founded in 1945 to prevent another war
      • General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
        • Established 1948
        • Promotes free trade and aims to reduce trade barriers, eg tariffs
    • Increase in Global Wealth
      • Demand for luxury goods
        • TVs, phones, clothes ect
        • boosts profits of TNCs
        • more disposable income


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