Sea level change

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  • Sea level change
    • Eustatic
      • Change that occurs on global scale. +ve or -ve. Sea moving.
    • Isostatic
      • Change that occurs on local level, +ve or -ve. Land movement
      • Readjustment is when land springs up due to melting glaciers.
    • Submergent features
      • Rias
        • rising sea levels drowning river valleys - higher dry land = rias
      • Fjords
        • drowned glacial valleys - steep sides U shaped, lower parts cut to sea level.
    • Emergent features
      • Raised beaches
        • When former wave cut platform is deposited on and sea levels decrease the beach remains
      • Sloped over wall cliff
        • When sea level decreases cliff builds up, then increases and erosion. leaving sloped beach
    • Impact Present and predicted increase
      • Primary: Increased erosion. & Risks of flooding
      • Secondary: Threat to livelihoods and health. & Food production & living standards
      • Relocation of many settlements - pressure on governmnts
      • Decline in land & house values
      • Threats to majour infrustructure
      • Threat to services along coast (oil)
      • Increased money on protecting coast
      • Threats to culture way of life


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