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  • sociocultural factors
    • 2.Cultural convergence
      • As a result of  advances in global communications and trade
    • 1.Rising disposable income levels increases demand
      • Emergence of affluent middle-class in Russia and china
    • 3. Age structure
      • consumption highest in 35-65 age group
        • Future of industry depends on younger people
    • 5.Marketing and licensing
      • Increased promotion of New world wines has impacted on sales of Old world wines
    • 4.Changing consumer tastes and lifestyles
      • Increased consumption at home and restaurants
      • Increase in couples without children
        • Increased consumption at home and restaurants
    • Global pattern of wine consumption is changing
      • Decreasing in traditional wine drinking countries
      • increasing in US,Russia, China
    • 6.Potential health benefits
      • May reduce risk of heart disease


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