The Dark Triad

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  • The Dark Triad
    • Machiavellianism
      • the manipulative personality
        • lies and exploits others, appears charming, uses flattery, lacks in principles
      • The MACH IV scale (Christie & Geis, 1970)
        • High 60+, Low (below 60)
        • high MACHS are skilled manipulators but do not have any superior cognitive ability
    • Narcissism
      • self-love, a grandoise view of oneself
      • hypersensitive to insults, overconfident, flattery , braggers, inability to see from other POV
    • Psychopathy
      • appear as normal, even charming
        • lack a conscience- impulsive and manipulative
      • Psychopathy Checklist Revised (Hare, 1991)
        • focuses on three areas: interpersonal, affective, lifestyle and antisocial
      • vs. psychoticism
        • psychoticism as a predisposition to criminality, psychopathy and schizophrenia
    • All encapsule a socially malevolent character with behaviour tendencies toward self-promotion, emotional coldness, deception, and aggressiveness
    • Links among the three have been supported in clinical samples (e.g. Hart, 1998) 
    • The 'Dirty Dozen' (Jonason & Webster, 2010)
      • Total score can range from 12-84 (likert scale)


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