TB7 SPA Tutorial; The Dark Triad

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  • TB7 SPA Tutorial; The Dark Triad
    • Joneson, Luevana. Adams (2012)
    • Predictions
      • Narcissism
        • Desires more relationships and more sociable, correlate with ONE-NIGHT STANDS and FWB
      • Psychopathy
        • Exploitative and opportunistic, correlate with BOOTY CALLS
      • Machia-vellianism
        • A central trait for short-term mating, correlates with ANY relationship type
      • DT traits bias towards casual v.s other relationship types
      • Previous research suggested DT related to short-term mating environment, low standards, game playing & pragmatic love
      • Due to impulsivity, long-term consequences and disagree-ability, DT should NOT (negatively) correlate with long-term relationships
      • Sex differences in type preference mediated by DT
    • Design
      • Studied relationship between DT and 4 types of relationship
        • **********
        • FWB
        • One-night stands
        • Serious romantic relationship
      • Standardised personality tests for DT used
      • Budget allocation task paradigm
    • Findings
      • Narcissism
        • Correlated with preference to ALL relationship types
          • Only ********** was lost when machiavelli was controlled for
        • Negative correlation for serious relationships
        • Partially mediated the sex difference for one night stands
      • Machia-vellianism
        • After controlling for shared variance, was NOT CORRE-LATED WITH ANY TYPE
          • Perhaps machia-vellianism is driven by the other DTs?
      • Psychopathy
        • Correlated with pref for **********
        • Negative correlation for serious relationships
        • Partially mediated the sex difference for **********s
      • Females more interested in LONG TERM
    • Discussion
      • Large age pool, differences in sexual behaviour
      • Different sexualities included, but not controlled for
        • Female biased sample (119 f v.s 91 m)
      • DT research tends to focus on positive rather than negative correlations
      • Issues with budget allocation tasks?
        • Sex diffs for serious romance were partially mediated by narcissism and psychopathy?


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