short and long term reasons for pilgrimage of grace 1536

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  • Reasons for the POG
    • Short term reasons
      • Dissolution of the smaller monasteries- too much unwanted change, monasteries a major part of society.
        • The break from Rome brought a lot of opposition
      • The Lincolnshire Rising
      • The break from Rome brought a lot of opposition
      • Thomas Cromwell's unpopurality
      • Untitled
      • Peasants were dissatisfied about the rising entry fines and the increase of taxation, especially after they had had such a bad harvest.
      • Introduction of Statue Uses- disliked my many nobles and gentry
    • Long term reasons
      • The northern counties were isolated from the centre power of Westminster and had limited political power because of the anti-Yorkist and anti-Percy policies.
      • Enclosure brought a mass of unemployment, anti-enclosure riots around Settle show suggest there was a concern from labourers about employment and support.


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