Surgery Basic Mindmap

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  • Surgery
    • The work of Simpson and Lister led too...
      • Operations = Less Painful
      • Delicate Operations could be performed
      • Patients would no longer bleed to death
      • There was a higher chance of survival for patients as there was less chance for blood loss/infection/pain
    • 1850 Operating rooms
      • Operating rooms were dirty
      • Wood shavings (sawdust) were used to soak up the blood
      • Surgeons wore dirty coats covered in blood and pus
      • Ordinary String was used to tie of arteries
      • Instruments were rarely washed
    • 1850's Results
      • Many died of shock from the intense pain and trauma
      • Wounds were infected by Septicaemia and Gangrene
      • Many died afterwards as their wounds did not heal properly
    • Humphrey Davy
      • Discovered that nitrous oxide deadened pain
      • American Dentist Horace Wells continued with Humphrey's findings. He used it in 1844.
      • Nitrous Oxide did not have the same effect on everyone and so was not the answer to pain.


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