Mind Map of studies of memory Psychology AQA A

Studies for the first bit of the Psychology AQA A specification for AS. Memory. 

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  • Studies of Memory
    • Glanzer & Cunitz
      • Primacy Effect- First words remembered as they have had time to pass into LTM.
      • Recency Effect- Most recent words remembered
      • Condition:
        • No Distractor
          • More words remembered at beginning and end
        • Distractor (counting down)
          • More words remembered at the beginning, last words already replaced.
    • Jacobs
      • Digit Span
      • People could recall 7 + - 2
      • Serial recall
    • Miller
      • Chunking
        • List of 15 letters badly remembered, better remembered when in chunks of 3 and best remembered when chunks were small words.
          • Evidence for Semantic Encoding
    • Peterson & Peterson
      • Duration of STM
      • Untitled
      • 18 seconds
      • P's asked to rehearse trigrams 3,6,9,12,15 & 18 seconds  after being read them
        • Distractor of counting down was given.


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