Strengthening of Muslim Response

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  • Muslim response strengthening
    • Impact of Nur ad Din
      • Slaughtered 30000 Edessans trying to retake city
      • Generals (inc. Saladin) took partial  control in Egypt
      • Sent army to relieve Damascus
      • United Syria
      • 1146 Allied with Seljuk Sultanate against Antioch
    • Impact of Saladin
      • United Syria and Egypt
      • Destroyed majority of CS' forces at Hattin 1187
      • Took Jerusalem and ousted Christian population
    • Kilij Arslan
      • Leader of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum
      • Tried to relieve siege of Antioch + Nicaea
      • Couldn't stop Crusaders consolidating in Anatolia
    • Kerbogha
      • Ambushed Bohemond and Raymond at Dorylaeum
    • Impact of Zengi
      • 1144 Took Edessa
        • Massacred 15000
        • Murdered Archbishop, destroyed relics


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