re christian morality

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  • someone is taking illegal drugs
    • tell someone
      • the friend that was taking it will never trust you again
      • have a good future
      • rumors will spread
      • wont get into trouble
      • parents will be proud
    • keep it a secret
      • the teachers might find out
      • you will get suspended
      • might bother you tell someone
      • wont be mentally stable
      • affects your future if you get caught
    • give it to someone else
      • get excluded
      • go to prison
      • your parents wont be proud of you
      • have a bad reputation
      • might not have a job in the future becasue of what you did
    • dont take the drugs
      • wont go to prision
      • have a good future
        • some people will think your scared
      • people will respect you
      • your family will be proud


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