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Rights and Responsibilities
Key Words
Bible The holy book of Christians
Church The community of Christians (with a small c it means a
Christian place of worship)
Conscience An inner feeling of the rightness or wrongness of an action
The Decalogue The Ten Commandments
Democratic The ways in which all…

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Authority of the Church to make moral decisions
Is the Body of Christ ­ Jesus working in today's world ­ so must have same
authority as Christ
God speaks to the world through the Church
Following the guidance from the Church prevents any confusion of what to
do and assures…

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Bible is God's word to Christians about how to live, so should be the basis for
making moral decisions
Believe they should follow the 10 Commandments and The Sermon on the
Mount rather than relying on their own ides
Church knows better than individual Christians
You can never be sure…

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You pay income tax on your wages and VAT in what you buy, voting gives you
some control over this
The national gov. is responsible for making decisions on things like armed
forces, schools, NHS, benefits and pensions. Voting gives you a say in how they're
Your ancestors fought…

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Different Christian attitudes to genetic
engineering and cloning
Liberal Protestants support it because:
Jesus showed you should do all you can to cure disease
Finding genetic cures is no different to finding drug cures
Embryos aren't foetuses until 2 weeks
No difference between creating cells and creating people

Roman Catholics,…


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