Sample for social approach

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  • Sample for social approach
    • Milgram
      • 40 male participants aged20-50 form New York, various educational backgrounds
      • Self-selecting, wide range of occupations
    • Piliavin
      • Aprox 4450 man and women;average number in carriage 43 people
      • Opportunity sample 45%black 55% white
    • Reicher and Haslam
      • 15 male participants who represented diversity of age, social class and ethical background
        • 5 guards- 6 after promotion, 10 prisoners- went from 9 to ten
      • Had an initial 332 volunteer participants down to 15


James Ellis


Milgrams sample was from the New Haven area not New York and piliavins sample could be improved by saying they were from riding the New York subway on weekdays In a seven minute gap between stops etc. Other wise accurate!

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